The easy way to make a Google Map
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A spreadsheet-to-map utility
The first DIY tool on the web that allows you to create an interactive Google Map on your website with "point-and-click" ease.

In June 2005 GoogleTM released an amazing mapping software: Google Maps. The program allows visitors to view your locations by highlighting them on a map like pushpins on a bulletin board. If you want to add a description or additional information such as pictures, prices, addresses or directions, visitors can click on the location to view the information related to the map point. It can even be customized with a search feature to sort by criteria such as price range or zip code, as applicable to your business. On a Google Map you can drag and zoom, switch to satellite images -- there is no end to the possible applications. Unfortunately up to now there was one problem with this software. It was not for everyone. Google Maps was so complex that only professionals with substantial programming skills could create a customized map.
Spreadsheet-To-Map now allows you to simply upload a spreadsheet or text file, click on some basic options and just sit back and watch as it builds the map for you.

You can then update your file whenever your information changes or you can even have Spreadsheet-To-Map do this automatically.

If you can write a list, you can use Spreadsheet-To-Map. Use Spreadsheet-To-Map once, or get unlimited use for a small Monthly fee.

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Finally a map building program for everyone! Isn't it time to Put your business on the map!

  • Corporate locations - show all your locations on your own Google Map
  • Location maps of retail outlets of where customer can purchase your products
  • Restaurants with multiple locations
  • School locations
  • Event locations
  • Places of Interest
  • Any location
If you want to map a list of addresses and regions for any purpose - Spreadsheet-To-Map will make it easy.
  • Put your MLS listings online
  • Automatically updates every day
  • Option to hide exact addresses
  • Shows listing information, photos, virtual tours, and contact info
  • Includes your site's header and footer graphics, text, and links
  • Map page resides on your web site
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Spreadsheet-To-Map has added new features designed to make it easier to work with large spreadsheets.
We've enabled the mousewheel feature. Now your users can zoom into any part of the map by positioning their mouse and rolling the wheel.
Custom icons from Spreadsheet-To-Map!
make a big deal about the custom icons with labels when it comes out. No one else is doing. Imagine a map of historical places of interest and a LABELED marker over each landmark.

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