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Turn any spreadsheet into a Google Map

We think that GoogleTM came out with an amazing map building tool and we want it to be available for everyone, not just programmers. Spreadsheet-To-Map was designed to allow people to create a map by simply uploading their list of locations on a spreadsheet or text file and clicking on some basic options. Thatís one part of the solution. The other part is automation. We write programs, for example, which will log into a realtorís MLS account, perform a search, generate a custom map with pictures, and publish it to the companyís web site every day.

The steps to building a new map are as follows:

  1. Log In
  2. Click "Build New Map"
  3. Select a spreadsheet or text file to map. Be sure the column labels are in row #1
  4. Configure your map -- you have the option of adding search fields, popup boxes, and sidebar navigation links.
  5. Click "build It!", then click "display my map".
  6. Go back and re-work the preferences until your map looks perfect
  7. Save the map and put it on your web site

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First prepare your data. Your information can be in an Excel spreadsheet, a comma, tab, or pipe delimited text file, an HTML table, or an XML file. Make sure your column labels are on row #1. Include the URLs to any photos, websites, or virtual tours that you will want to use in your map.

After you log in and click "Create a new map" you will be taken to the "upload file" page. Just select your data file, choose the right format, and click "upload".

On the next screen, select which field contains the street address, and which field contains the zipcode. Spreadsheet-To-Map uses this information to get the latitude and longitude of each address.

The "Search Fields" screen is used to place search boxes at the top of your map. Your users can use these boxes to narrow the results when too many addresses are shown at the same time. Click 'Show Instructions' to bring up detailed help.

Whenever a user clicks on an address, a pop-up bubble will appear with detailed information about it. Adding fields to the pop-up bubble is easy. Just select a field from the list, and drag it into the text box. With a little bit of basic HTML (instructions included on-screen) you can add bold text, pictures, and links.

A list of addresses will appear down the left side of the map. Again, you can add fields by selecting them from the list and you can use basic HTML to format it. The first line of each side nav address will automatically become a link to center on an address and open its pop-up bubble.

On the preferences page, you can save your Google Maps Key (a free code which Google issues for every web directory that contains a map), the flag type, zoom level, default zip code, and HTML for the header and footer.

Finally, after you click "Build It!", you can display your map or download it and put it on your web site.



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